Darkest Hourเนื้อเพลง | เนื้อเพลง Darkest Hour Tate McRae

I hear them whisper secrets ‘Til my name is dirt

But I will not falter I will hide the hurt

And I can feel the earth Like it’s part of me

But never have I felt so alone No place to call my home
* Oooh, the wind blows Someday I will follow Far away from this lonely town

** In that darkest hour I’ll spark a flame A heart that can’t surrender

Burns into a hostile blaze In that darkest hour You’ll know my name

I will hold the power And I’ll run that game

They built a tower But I climbed so high

I could almost reach it The sunrise

And damn your love And damn your hope

All those fears that made you cold I forgive them all
( * , ** )

I’ll run this game Oooh..

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