Frankensteinแทปกีต้าร์ | แทปกีต้าร์ Frankenstein Claire Rosinkranz

!!!!! เพลงนี้ไม่มี แทปกีต้าร์ Frankenstein !!!!!
[กดเพื่อไปหน้าขอเพลง] [กดเพื่อไปหน้าคอร์ดกีต้าร์ ]

I'm so sick of all these pretty boys tryna act like the shit

And I just wish they wouldn't fall in love then leave me so quick

* I been searching, don't think it's out there Talks for hours, walks in with flowers

Dirty converse 6'2 and brown hair Every little thing that I want

** Guess I gotta build my Frankenstein Draw the picture, color all the lines

When it's right I'll take a test drive Every little thing that I want

When I'm mad he'll kiss me till I'm numb and then not treat me so bad

He makes me laugh He's never on my nerves, gets along with my dad (My dad)
( * , ** )

Every little thing that I want

Every little thing that I want Clap, clap
( ** )

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คอร์ดเพลง i h8 that i still feel bad for u
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