what would you doแทปเบส | แทปเบส what would you do Tate McRae

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[กดเพื่อไปหน้าขอเพลง] [กดเพื่อไปหน้าคอร์ดกีต้าร์ ]

You think you're such a cool kid And everybody likes you

Know you think I'm stupid Say you know more than I do

But what you'll never understand Is I used to be such a fan

But now you're such a cool kid It's like I don't even know you, yea

* I'm getting really sick Sick of how sorry sounds

Coming right out your mouth, oh Don't get too comfortable

'Cause I might not be there Next time you turn around

** So What would you do if I leave and don't come back?

I hope it breaks you in two

If I gave back all the pain that you put me through What would you do?

Ha ha ha ha

I've always been a nice girl And pretty understanding
But you mess up my head boy And you're taking me for granted

And you're probably gonna throw a fit When I call you out on all your shit

Yeah, I used to be a nice girl I bet you wish it lasted Oh
( * , ** )

We'll make plans and I won't show up I won't listen, I'll interrupt

When your birthday comes won't answer ya 'Cause, so what, so what

I'll go out and kiss your friends Like, oh my god, get over it

Yeah, go get drunk so you forget I'm gone
( ** )

Ooh-ooh-ooh, what would you do? Ooh-ooh-ooh, what would you do?

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