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I'm gonna call it a night
But I cannot do it myself
Seeking before sunrise
Or searching for something else

Here comes the talking angel
Who makes me feel like home
But I can't catch her scent
It's covered by my cologne
A gift is at my fence
But I kept my door closed
Again & again

Talking to this Stranger With A Wall
Am I really ready after all

I guess her eyes are brown
But lately I've been so blind
I know how her laughter sounds
She's not likely to hear mine

I'd love to get to know you
So please don't get me wrong
But you should get me a map
I did forget where I'm from
Cause now I'm scared of trains
Don't think it's where I belong
It's hard to get to know

A stranger
Especially the one who's looking at me in the glass
Do I know them well enough

Talking to this stranger with a wall
Am I really ready after all

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