Dumb Luckแทปกีต้าร์ | แทปกีต้าร์ Dumb Luck Los Campesinos

!!!!! เพลงนี้ไม่มี แทปกีต้าร์ Dumb Luck !!!!!
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Baby, oh, my darling baby It hurts to see you cry It'd hurt even more to see you happy

Punished with an ugly face But yeah, that's really okay, really okay, really though

'Cause I got dealt an ace And I'm a blessed guy, 'cause ace is high

* You got it, your dumb luck I'm cursing your dumb luck

You got it, your dumb luck I'm cursing your dumb luck

Sweetheart, oh, my darling sweetheart God came to me this morning

Said, "You must repent, your final warning"

Half-hard, half-asleep Oh, it was no way okay, no way okay, no way

Though I refused to creep I spat in her eye, sweet world, goodbye

Dumb luck runs like two-stroke Through four generations' gene pools

Like your old folks came before you They, too, never grew a pair of balls

And when the third world war comes It will not be fought on race

We will line up here in two rows Betrayers versus betrayed

The sky is grey, the ground is cold Perverts gather in the shadows

Others climb up to their rooftops As they take me to the gallows

I drink myself blind drunk I recall you in your lost youth

You were half the height a hangman's noose And twice the alcoholic proof

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