Clementineแทปเบส | แทปเบส Clementine Lizzy McAlpine

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I'm watching everything go sideways And I can't do a thing to make it stop

I won't remember this tomorrow But I'll be sad when I wake up

I wish we were back in your apartment I want you to sing me to sleep

I'll forget my wallet so I'll have to come back And you won't forget me

* Thought it was only fair But I swear I didn't think it through this far

You chose this first So I didn't think it'd hit me quite this hard

I don't want to see this part

I'm watching everything go sideways Feels like someone's messing with my head

I'm not prepared to never know you again I'm sorry, can we stop this instead?

When this is over I'll nevеr know that I ever missed you at all

I'll be a stranger and You will be kissing somebody that I don't know

I'll take the train to the beach And I'll sit on the sand and I'll never know

I had a life before this I don't want this

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