Losing Faceแทปเบส | แทปเบส Losing Face Wilbur Soot

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First and foremost Oh, let it be said, my dear I was gonna wait for you
So this is not an act of spite It's a visceral coming-to

She wrote an album And that's something that I can't do
But what I can do is spit the truth And it all leads back to you

Secondly, I know I haven't written much You know the way I can be
Tonight, I'm fucking drunk So it's all gonna be about me

Take a seat, pull up a chair Give me one beat to fill my glass
I've lost a piece of me in you But you've lost all your past

* Is he better than me? Has he seen more to this life?
Can he smoke more Can he fuck more? Are you good enough to be his wife?

Can he break me? Can he break you? Oh, I don't know what I'm to do

Yes, I don't know what I'll fuckin' do
I've seen our café, I've clocked our plans Oh, what could have been
If you didn't go and fall in love And ruin everything

I've seen him I've been him I've felt the same way

But now I break against the dirt Along with our cafés

I've lost all meaning I've lost my sense of hope

I've seen him going out with you I've seen what he can do

So touch him And break me Strip naked Embrace him

Lose faith in His pace, His stamina and grace

I'm losing face

I'm losing face I'm losing

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