Piece By Pieceแทปกีต้าร์ | แทปกีต้าร์ Piece By Piece Kelly Clarkson

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And all I remember is your back

Walking towards the airport leaving us all in your past

I traveled fifteen hundred miles to see you

Begged you to want me But you didn’t want to

* But piece by piece he collected me

Up off the ground where you abandon things

And piece by piece he filled the holes that you burned in me
At six years old and you know

He never walks away He never asks for money He takes care of me
He loves me Piece by piece He restored my faith

That a man can be kind And a father could stay

And all of your words fall flat

I made something of myself and now you wanna come back

But your love it isn’t free It has to be earned

Back then I didn’t have anything you needed So I was worthless
( * )

Piece by piece Piece by piece Piece by piece Piece by piece

Piece by piece Piece by piece
( * )
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