Phasesแทปกีต้าร์ | แทปกีต้าร์ Phases Keane

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A plan is a work of art
A house built to fall apart
You're digging for the answers. Crawl across the world to find
There are just more questions. Waiting on the other side
But you're still here. You're bleeding but you're still here

* Phases, the motion of our lives
Ages, the rote of changes
Erases the ink before it dries
On pages. It's all just phases

We salvage the parts we can
And work on a better plan
Always on the outside. Fingers clinging on so tight
Kicking at the window. Dreaming of a better life
Take what you can. Just got to take what you can

( * )

And sometimes you feel how good it is
And low tide gives way to high tide
And hard times, we watch them come and go
Like crazes. It's all just phases

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