Eyes Flyerแทปกีต้าร์ | แทปกีต้าร์ Eyes Flyer Teddy Ska Band

!!!!! เพลงนี้ไม่มี แทปกีต้าร์ Eyes Flyer !!!!!
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* If you dance in the dark place do not be afraid


We all come here to play We all come here to sway


he yo ho Oh!! My little baby com'on please be mine


I want to give you a smiles so let me hold your hands


I will take you there Sorry for I have to stare


he yo ho Oh!! My lovely baby com'on please be mine


         ** Don’t let's me wait so I want you all we stand


         Please give us a try I won't make you cry


        Oh!! Please say yes!! Let’s do what we he here to do


        Here my please... can you see... we can be??


( ** , * , ** )

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